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gether in the evening of the festival.Traditional Mooncakes·FillingsThe types of filling vary according to the region's tradition. The most used fillings are as follows:Lotus seed paste (鑾茶搲, lían róng): It is made from dried ▓lotus se

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eds. Lotus seed paste is considered by some people t▓he most delicious and luxurious filling for mooncakes.Sweet bean paste (璞嗘矙, dòu sh膩): There are s▓evera

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te. Re▓d bean paste is the most commonly use▓d filling for mooncakes.Five kernel (浜斾粊,▓ w菙 rén): This filling consists of 5 types of nuts and seeds. The types of nuts and seeds var

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y according to different regions, bu▓t commonly used nuts and seeds include: walnuts, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds and almonds.Egg yolk: A whole salte▓d egg yolk is placed in the center of mooncakes to symb

olize the full moon.Jujube paste: ▓A sweet paste made from the ripe fruits o▓f the jujube (date) plant. It is dark red in color.·Regional Varieties of MooncakesThe

variety of mooncakes varies according to different ▓re